ZPU Romex Sp. z o o. ensures that theTRAINER Outdoor Fitness Equipment will not have
defects during normal use and maintenance for a period of 24 months from date of purchase.
The term "defect" used in this guarantee means hidden flaws in components which prevent
the use of the product.
Guarantee  applies  only to the  equipment  installed  according to  "Installation  description",
used  and  maintained  in  accordance  with specifications  and  "Operating  and  maintenance
instruction". Guarantee applies only to the equipment frequently inspected and maintained
in  accordance  with  "Operating  and  maintenance  instruction".  Warranty  claims  must  be
reported no later than 14 days from the date of discovery of a defect. If it is not otherwise
stated in this warranty ZPU "Romex" Sp. z o.o. may at its option repair, replace, send spare
part (parts) or return to the Buyer the price of the part (parts) with defect . Buyer has no
other way to  claim warranty  according to this  guarantee. Seller  reserves the  right for the
inspection the place of installation or requires re­dispatch in order to verify legitimacy of the
warranty claim.
Buyer is obliged to effectively protect or remove damaged device or it's damaged part (parts)
in the event of a defect.
Warranty  does  not  apply to  defects  resulting from  accidents,  improper  use  of  equipment,
intentional destructions, modifications, neglect, exposing to the high temperatures and other
mechanical damages.
Warranty  does  not  apply  to  defects  caused  during  transport,  installation,  dismantling  or 
improper  storage.  Warranty  does  not  apply  to  defects  caused  during  normal  use  of
Guarantee  does  not  cover  plastic  and  rubber  components,  information  stickers,  loosened
screws  and  nuts,  paint  coating  defects  and  corrosion  on  the  holders,  the  footplates, seats
(points where users have direct contact with the device surface).
In order to make a warranty claim Buyer must contact our Customer service.
Buyer should  not send the  valid  product  before  receiving  a  confirmation  of the  warranty
Keep the defective parts for a period of 90 days from making a warranty claim.
Buyer must return the products to ZPU "Romex" Sp. z o.o. at his own expense when he is
summoned to do so.   ZPU "Romex" Sp.  z  o.o. will pay  costs  of  returning the  repaired  or
replaced parts after recognition of all warranty claims.  If ZPU "Romex" Sp. z o.o. finds that
the problem is not subject to this guarantee will send the Buyer an explanation of why the
complaint was not accepted. In that case ZPU "Romex" Sp. z o.o.  could return products at
the expense of the recipient.
A warranty claim can be submitted only in writing, with acknowledgment of receipt to the
following address:
ZPU Romex Sp. z o.o.
ul. Hetmańska 38
85­039 Bydgoszcz, POLAND
At the same time the Buyer must inform about warranty claim by e­mail, at the address:
trainer@bdg.pl , send a photographic documentation of the defect and a copy of purchase.
ZPU Romex Sp. z o.o. makes no expressed or implied warranties other than specified herein.